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History of the Sweetwater Chapter

During the Revolutionary War period, a Cherokee chief named Ama Kanasta, which translates to "sweet water" in English, had his wigwam near what is now Lithia Springs, Georgia. In addition to the needs of hunting game and kindling council fires, Chief Ama Kanasta may have had an additional interest in residing at this particular location. It is said he believed in the healing virtue of the water and therefore, would gather his tribe in close proximity to the spring.

On the granite surrounding the spring, seats appear to have been chiseled out by early inhabitants to form an amphitheater. Tribal members may have sat in these seats while praying for healing. In addition, there is also evidence that the area may have been used as a "resort" during the time of the Revolutionary War. By the end of 1838, however, the United States had removed the Cherokees from this land through what today is known as "The Trail of Tears."

Despite the absence today of these early, if not first, inhabitants of the Douglasville area, Georgia's longest creek bears the translated name of Chief Ama Kanasta, "Sweetwater". His name in its original Cherokee form was at one time selected as the name of for an earlier Douglasville area DAR chapter – the Ama Kanasta Chapter. This chapter organized March 29, 1921 and disbanded December 30, 1933.

Many decades later, the Douglasville area chapter's originating members believed it fitting to name its new chapter for the same early inhabitant of the Douglas County area. This time, however, the chief's name was used in its English translation.  The NSDAR Board of Management confirmed the Sweetwater Chapter on December 6, 2003.

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Current Officers


Emily Sue Veal Carlton
Vice Regent: Susan Lane Thomas Brooks
Chaplain: JoAnn Colquitt
Recording Secretary: Anastasia Christina Gilman Pahno
Corresponding Secretary: Anastasia Christina Gilman Pahno
Treasurer: Patricia Jane Harrington
Registrar: Ruth Randolph (Randy) Drum Williamson

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Founding Members

Marcia Tindall Atkins Jennifer Olsson Harrison
Linda Lee Abbey Emma Williams Jordan
Cynthia Lee Davis Mary Sue Rogers Murray
Sarah Lee Davis Laura Lee Powers
Betty Farr Dewell Laura Elisabeth Reed
Kathren Moon Fogg Lisa Carriker Reed
Margie Lee Hall (Organizing Regent) Elsie Dodson Smith

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Our Honored Patriots

Below are the names of the Sweetwater Chapter Daughters' DAR-recognized patriot ancestors.

They are organized by the state for which their service to our emerging nation was provided.

If you are not aware of what the DAR considers acceptable service for recognition as a patriot, please visit the NSDAR webpage "Becoming a Member", which describes the many ways a person's ancestor may be recognized and included amongst those honored by our organization.

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State Flag of Georgia Blair, Johnson
Crumbley, Anthony
Dover, Francis J.
Futch, Onesimus
Peters, Jessie
Stewart, Robert
State Flag of Connecticut Hickok, Asa
Sykes, Victory
Massachusetts  Bedlow, William
Blodgett, David
New Hampshire
New Hampshire  Sherburne, Job
New Jersey
State Flag of New Jersey Skinner, Daniel
New York
State Flag of New York Printup, Joseph
Romer, Henry
Skinner, Daniel
Spock, James
North Carolina
State Flag of North Carolina Ames, Thomas
Barnard, Francis
Beck, Jeffrey
Cantrell, Isaac
Caradine, Thomas
Casey, Jeremiah
Gosnell, Charles
Hildebrand, Conrad
Hood, William
Huntley, Thomas
Lane, Jr., Tidence
Large, Joseph
Mackey, Samuel
Macon, Harrison
McDaniel, John
McIarty, Alexander
Merrick, John
Moseley, Henry
Newman, Reuben
Pace, Stephen
Strickland, Philip
Taylor, Leroy
Thompson, Frederick
Ward, Nancy
White, Archibald
White, John
Wright, James
State Flag of Pennsylvania Long, Jeremiah
Sherrod, Conrad
Skinner, Daniel
Weakley, James
South Carolina
State Flag of South Carolina Dawkins, William
Faust, Peter
Gillam, Robert
Langston, Solomon
Littleton, Charles
Martin, Elijah
McKelvey, John
Noble, Lewis
Sellman, Jeremiah
Sloan, John
Templeton, James
Vermont  Chandler, Thomas
Olcott, Timothy
State Flag of Virginia Beard, Elizabeth X.
Bentley, William
Buford, James
Colquitt, James W.
Dodson, Daniel
Forence, Thomas
Foster, Peter
Griffin, Thomas
Hansard, William
Hodnett, Benjamin
Rogers, Lot
Tucker, Joseph
Veale, Francis
Winston, John

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